He is a highschool drop out & the self-proclaimed "Last Day Prophet of God". He broadcast 24 hours a day on shortwave radio from his campground in Walterboro, South Carolina. He has a history of making false prophecies. In 1981 he said Regan would be removed from office early. One year he predicted a nuclear war on America. When it didn't happen he blamed God, saying God must have changed His mind like he did in the book of Jonah when He decided not to destroy Nineveh. One cannot help believe he is a FALSE PROPHET!

He has several uncsriptual views. He doesn't believe in the Trinity- that God is 3 Persons yet one God!

He believes in "soul sleep"-that when you die your unconscience, know nothing till the resurection. This is refuted by 2 Cor.5:8"We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord." Stair also believes that babys don't have souls untill there born. This is a dangerous believe because it could leave to thinking babys are less than human therefore it must be ok to aborf them. He also said that Christians will take the place of the fallen angels.

On his broadcast of his Friday night church service he oftten verbally abuses his people, calling them "peanut heads", saying"look at you with that stupid look on your faces". One woman was playing pianod in her spare time and he told her she didn't have any spare time, all her time belongs to everyone there. He say there all equal but he runs the show. He must believe in that saying "everybodys equal but some are more equal then others."

Hes not Scriptually qualified to be a minister anyway. Hes divorced and remarried-to a much younger woman. The Bible says "A Bishop(pastor) is to be the husband of one wife" 1 Tim.3;2.

He use to say that computers were the 2 most evil thing invented by the Devil, next to TV, but he must have gotten another "revelation" because now hes on the Internet.

I'll add more things about R.G. Stair in the very near future. If you know of anything about him please E-mail me at

March 11,1999MORE ON RG STAIR. On a radio broadcast in 1994(WWCR-shortwave) he made one of the most BLASPEHMES statements I've ever heard. He stated that "If God doesn't make a move by the year 2000 then He(God) can go to Hell!" I could hardly believe my ears, but thats what he said, and I got a tape of hm admiting he said that I think hes nuts or a hypocrite-I lean toward the later.

He claims God gave him to understand the "mysteries" of the 7 Trumpets in the book of Revelation-that 3 trumpets God has revealed to him allready, and that God will reveal the last 4 to him in time, and if God wants to reveal them to anybody else God will tell him first.

He told his followers that if God doesn't make a move by 2000 that he'll "shut up & shut down". Then he said "If you can't get it then may your soul be damned in Hell!" What a terrible thing to say to anyone!

He teaches that Adam & Eve were Spiritual beings at first-didn't become physical beings till after the fall! What nonsense! He said hes not wrong, that if hes wrong then the God who raised him up is wrong! I wonder what "god" he means.

One day he was berating his followers because they were complaning about the lack of hot water for showers. He told them they should be glad to be able to take a cold shower!

He got upset one day when he couldn't find his so called wife around the place. He said sometimes Satan takes a hold of her and drives her away from him, and how her naural beauty got them both in trouble! I don't know what he meant by that, maybe he "had" to marry her, but I'm just guessing. It sounds like to me he doesn't trust her. Thats one of the problems of having a young wife when your a lot older than her.

If you'd like to see him get off the air then E-mail the stations hes on. I'll try to get more addresses for them, but hes on WWCR more than any other. There address is-

You can also mail Stair himself at- or write him at PO Box 691, Walterboro,SC


March 19,1999 Stair said that when Jesus was little he talked back to his parents, that He needed discipline! And that Christ couold have sinned but didn't! IF He could have sinned he wouldn't have been fully God, which he was! The Bible says He was tempted but yet without sin. Its like a row boat attacking a battleship-the temptations were real, but had no chance sucedding!

Stair use to work with the tent revialist A.A.Allen, who died a drunkard! Yet on Stairs radio show Wed evening, March 17, he played a tape of Allen singing, and afterward was praising Allen. What a phoney!

UPDATE-APRIL 3, 1999. On his Friday night radio broadcast of April 2, 1999 Stair said he believes that during Communion that the bread and wine ACTUALLY TURN in to the blood and body of Christ! This is a Roman Catholic believe for centuries. He is so mixed up-he pickes and chooses doctrines from Seventh Day Adventist, Jehovahs Witness, Presberterians, Arminians, Armstrongism, Catholicism and who knows from what else.

UPDATE-MAY 1, 1999. On last Fri nights radio show he was cursing at his followers, calling them "damn liars", saying "damn you". Then he said they just make him mad. Hes not followng Ephesians 4;26 "Be ye angry and sin not."

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